Presidential Ramblings November


by Tim Hagner

Did you see the big news from Porsche? Rennsport, Cajun, supercar or 991 you ask? No, not those, Porsche is going back to Le Mans to win overall!! I can’t wait. Porsche is going after Audi and Peugeot for the overall and it’s about time. Going after Audi is very interesting because they are now both corporate partners. I wonder how that’ll play out in the Boardroom.

Speaking of motorsport, are you making your F-1 plans for next November in Austin, Texas? If you have never seen the circus that is Formula One you are missing quite a show. Then there are two F-1 events in USA in 2013, one in Austin and the other in New Jersey, on a street circuit. I guess its F-1 feast or famine here in the USA. We’ve been to the Long Beach, Phoenix and Indy F-1 events and can’t wait for Austin.

Rennsport, what an event! It was an event to be remembered and I’m sure it will be by all those that attended. I need not say more, see the articles and pictures in Downshift to get the full story. I’m sure Panorama and Excellence will have great coverage in the next month.

We have the planning meeting (Nov. 8th) and then the Board Meeting (Nov 16th) this month. November is the “business” month for the club; we schedule events for next year and set the Board member and Officers process in motion. If you want to be more involved in the club come to the Board meeting, it’s a good place to start.

Sorry you missed the Supper Club dinner in October at Scanlon’s. Our waitress told us to be sure to save room for desert because Carrera Motors was treating! Thanks Carrera, I enjoyed my pumpkin chesscake very much!

It’s that time of year and our Porsches are starting to be put away for the winter. I’m still holding hope for some more driving weather. Cold is ok, it’s the rock they put on the roads that ends it for me. Still it’s a sad time for me and it’s the one thing about Bend I have a hard time with. What, can’t drive the Porsche? Seems sacrilegious to me. But the good news is that the club will continue to be active through this difficult time and we all know it’s not just the cars, it’s the people that we are about.

Would a club member please buy that Caymen R at Carrera and put me out of my misery?

Auf Wiedersehen!