Presidential Ramblings

by Tim Hagner,
Club President

Hope you are continuing to have a good new year.

We had our first meeting of the new format and it was good and not so good.  The 48 members in attendance were very much the good!  Thank you for your support.  The not so good was food and space.  Lesson learned for Tetherow and us.  We have made changes to correct these problems.  This month we are having the Valentines Day Dinner/Meeting at Club Carrera. I’m sure you know all about this.

The Zone 6 Presidents meeting that we where going to host has been cancelled.  Our zone rep, Dave Cooley, has had a knee replacement and will be out of action for a while.  In fact, the meeting is now in April and we are meeting in Montana, bringing the Mountain to Mohammad so to speak.

The new 911 is here in Bend and I wonder how long before we have our first one in the club.  Will it be a current member or a new one?   We also have the new mid-engine line-up (Boxster and Cayman) later this year.  Lot’s of “new” from Porsche.

The Porsche Parade is coming. Are you going?  This year Salt Lake City will host the Parade, July 8 - 14 and High Desert Region is going.  Sue and I have been to four Parades and are looking forward to number five.  It’s like Rennsport only for street Porsches and we get to drive.  Everything and everyone Porsche in one spot for a week - it’s great.  There is something for everyone between the social events, driving tours, tech sessions, quizzes, autocross and rally (Sue and I have done very well at Parade Rallies over the past and look forward to this year).  The Parade Concours is an event worth the drive all by it’s self, quite something to see.  Registration opens March 13th.  Start planning now so you will be ready to go when it opens.  Have questions about Parade?  Ask Sue or myself and we’ll answer them for you.  More correspondence to follow as we get closer and start making plans.

It’s time for me to get out in the garage and go over the red car.  Need to modify the drivers seat to get more headroom, finish fixing the idle, go to 7’s & 8’s from 6’s & 7’s and the complete “once over” so I’m track day ready. This weather is making it hard not to start dreaming of driving!

Auf Wiedersehen!