2012 Charter Dinner

by Helen Riser

What do you get when you have a brisk spring evening, a beautiful, scenic drive, a grand open space with a panoramic view of the Cascades, delicious cuisine and delightful friends?
The 2012 Porsche Club Charter Dinner, of course!!!

Held out at the Events Center in the Barn at Brasada Ranch, this year’s Charter Dinner was truly special. What a lovely venue, complete with our own bar and plenty of space for our silent auction. One couldn’t ask for more.

Special thanks are extended to Al and Gerry Frickey for leading a caravan of Porsches through the gorgeous countryside to convene at Brasada Ranch, and the numerous people who contributed wonderful silent auction items-Club Carrera, Roger Sanders, Bill and Linda Bein, just to name a few, who contributed oil paintings, collections of wines, Porsche carry-on suitcase, etc. The auction items brought in $1,200 which will be shared between two charitable organizations. Also, thank you to the Club members who shared their model cars to add to the Porsche-theme centerpieces. And last, but not least, a HUGE thank you to Bill and Marjorie Calhoun for organizing this wonderful Charter Dinner for all of us Porsche Club members to enjoy.  What a perfect evening!!

On to next year-enjoy the ride! . . .