Presidential Ramblings

by Tim Hagner,
Club President
Road Trip, there’s nothing like it.  There’s still something romantic and adventurous about them.  Long ones or short ones, fast ones or slow ones, destination or no destination, time constraints or casual wander, it doesn’t matter; let’s just go.  An open two-lane road, a great car and a good companion are all you need.  Americans have been doing Road Trips since we got here. Lewis and Clark had a pretty famous one. All the wagon trains that followed made the road and then the migration west from the “Dust Bowl” in the 30’s (no, it was never a BCS bowl) used the new paved roads.  Then we started getting our kicks on route 66 and never looked back!  It took Todd and Buzz to really romanticize Road Trips.  Road Trips have become as much of our culture as mom and apple pie.  This Saturday (May 5th) is our first Road Trip of the new driving season, called the Arrive and Drive.  So bring your great car, good companion, a full tank of gas and your wanderlust.  You never know what romance or adventure waits around the next curve!  My problem is I never slow down enough to find out!

We are working with the Deschutes Historical Society in Bend to hold our Porsche Car Show on their lawn on Saturday, June 9th.  It will be a great setting for us. I’ll keep you posted on this.

Board meeting and Carrera track day later this month, it’s that time of the year when Porsche things really start to pick-up. I’m so glad.  I’m already making my plans for the Parade at Salt Lake City. I hope you’ll be part of them.

Would you like to do a High Desert “Porsche” family portrait?  Get all our members and all their cars into a panoramic photo.  Do we arrange by type or by color?  We could make a Porsche rainbow.  How about doing some “by type” photos first than the “family” photo?

How many 3.2 Carreras do we have in the club now?  It just seems to me I keep seeing more and more of them.  

Have you ever noticed that there is no correlation between “need” and “want”?  As in “I don’t need another Porsche, but I want one!”  “Want” almost always trumps “need” every time.

And the answer is 240 MPH.  Bill Riser was the first to answer the question correctly.  See last month’s “Ramblings” for the question if you don’t remember it.  Did you know that in 1975  a 917/30 Spyder set a new lap record on the Talladega oval of 221 MPH?

Auf Wiedersehen!