Labor Day Funkana

by Tim Hagner,
Club President

As you have seen on our calendar, we have a Funkana scheduled for Monday the 3rd of September. This event is sponsored by the ACCO (Auto-X Club of Central Oregon) and is open to all. The Porsche club is invited to participate and I’ll be keeping track of all members’ scores so we can have a separate Porsche class.

What is a Funkana you ask? It’s where a driver and a navigator, in their Porsche, negotiate a low speed course with tricks and gimmicks that engage both occupants. If you look at the pictures on the home page of our website you’ll see Larry and Mike shooting a water pistol from the car at a lighted candle on a table. Put out the candle and move to the next station, like popping a balloon with your right rear tire while backing up. I believe all  participants at our Funkana in 2010 had a great time and lots of laughs.

So why are we joining the ACCO Funkana? Three reasons, I wanted the club to have a chance to run another Funkana; it saves our club the expense of renting a parking lot and I didn’t have the time this year to do all the work required to put this on. We all win!

Where: Big Dog Saloon at the Crooked River Ranch
Time: 1:00 pm start
Cost: $10.00 per car (proceeds to charity)

For the really adventuresome there is also a Gimmick Rally, same place as the Funkana, but starts at 9:00 am. All events are on paved roads.