Congrats, Gail & Linda!

by Mike Sampson

Gail and Linda Overgard, High Desert Region-PCA members who live in Eugene, drove their 1963 Black 356-B coupe up for the Oregon Festival of Cars in Bend this weekend. They showed the car on Saturday along with 105 others.

Three Awards were given at the end of the day:
1 for Best British Car,
1 for Peoples Choice, and…
..."The Spirit of Motoring" Award which went to Gail and Linda's 356 for "the best car for touring."
When asked how long they have owned the car they answered, "about 25 years"! Their longest trips include coming to Bend for fun with the High Desert Region.
Congratulations to Gail and Linda for being such great stewards of one of the finest Porsches on the road today.