Presidential Ramblings

by Tim Hagner,
Club President

We have just come through one of the busiest High Desert events periods I’ve ever seen! Whew! Were you in on the action, part of the fun? I hope so.

The joint Arrive and Drive with the INW (Inland Northwest) Region went very well and they want to get together with us again next year. We are discussing several ideas and will keep you posted. The INW gang really enjoyed our Porsche roads and said they don’t have roads like these in their area. Aren’t you glad you’re in Central Oregon? Again, special thanks to Carrera Motors for their hospitality and lunch.

Though it wasn’t a club event I saw lots of our members at the Exotic car show. Our members, Gail and Linda Overgard won "The Spirit of Motoring" trophy with their great 356B! Great job guys and they drove it over from Eugene. Should the High Desert Region show in mass next year?

There will be an article soon and photos from the wine tour. What a great time! For me, an airplane guy, the group photo of our cars under the “Spruce Goose” was the highlight. Going to Emory’s was great and the food was great. Oh yeah, I’m sure the wine was great too! There where 2 white 356 Cabs on the tour, what are the odds? Its great to see the “old ones” being driven. Thanks to Mike and Ann Sampson for all their hard work to put this on.

We just completed our last Arrive and Drive of our driving season with 34 Porsches in attendance. There were 13 air cooled Porsches, the most I’ve seen at an A & D, 2 ea. 356s, 2 ea. 914s, and the rest 911s. We even had 2 Cayennes! So sad to think the lava rock will be flying soon. The A & D was “so glad”, we even got a “thumb’s up” from the Bend Police officer that drove through while we where having our drivers meeting. We managed to find at least one new road for everyone to drive, which is always my goal.

The best part of the drive was the arrive at Pete Olson’s house where a catered lunch awaited all the participants. Yum! A little “Thank you” to our members from your High Desert PCA Board. I hope you enjoyed it. I need to thank Ann Sampson for arranging the food, Pete Olson for the use of his house, Mike Simmons for helping layout the route and Sue Hagner for meeting the caterers and doing the set-up.

It does take a village to make these events happen. Don’t be shy, become part of the village. You’ll be glad you did.

Our November meeting will focus on putting together next year’s event calendar. This is a good way to become a village person (ok, who heard “Y-M-C-A” in their head?). Lots of experience and helpful fellow PCAers to help you with your event idea.

Auf Wiedersehen!