Presidential Ramblings

by Tim Hagner,
Club President

We have a very important meeting this month and we need your support. That’s why we moved it from Nov 6th (election night) to Nov 13th at Club Carrera. We’ve even included a free dinner (pizza) to help lure you there. This is the meeting where we set the tentative 2013 club events calendar. We would like to add a few one-day trips this year. There are lots of great rides and things to see out of reach of the Arrive & Drive 3 hour window and they are calling our name. Let’s answer the call. How about an “I’m tired of winter” tour with the “other” car? Do we want to have joint events with other regions? Lots of choices, lots of ideas, so bring your ideas for events and your willingness to get involved; we’ll provide the calendar. We have a lot of experience and knowledge available to help you take your idea and turn it into a great event. This goes back to that “it takes a village” thing I wrote about last month. We have a great village!

As most of you know I’m an avid cyclist, so what you ask? When a group of cyclists, called a Peloton (French for “group of cyclists” not “moving road block”), go for a ride we all start together and end together. In between we all get to “do our thing” and have a great time. The “climbers” get to race to the top of the hill and everyone regroups at the top. The “decenders” get to speed to the bottom of the hill and everyone regroups at the bottom. On the flats the strong riders go to the front and pull everyone along. The “sprinters” get to do bridge sprints and then everyone regroups. Those that just ride at their pace get to do that because we always regroup. Then there are the “all rounders” that don’t specialize in any one style and do it all. So why did I bore you with this? I’ve been trying to think of a way to accommodate all of our different driving styles on club events. We have the sprinters (straight line speed), the climbers/decenders (curves) and those that drive at their own pace (steady). It’s easy for cyclists to move over and let the next wave go; not so easy in Porsches. We haven’t had any issues or problems that I know of. I started thinking about this on a club tour recently as I was “categorizing” the different styles of the drivers around me. Which style are you? So on our next club tour remember we have to act as a Peloton, (French for “group of Porsches”), and accommodate all the styles into a single style. Do we become a Peloton of “all rounders”?

Auf Wiedersehen!