Presidential Ramblings

by Tim Hagner,
Club President

Ho, Ho, HO! It’s that other “most wonderful time of the year.” (The other being when we take the Porsches out at the start of the driving season.) Have you been naughty or nice or really nice when you’re naughty?

It’s been a very nice year for us here in the High Desert Region. Our membership has continued to grow, now to 157 primary members, and our new members are joining in on the fun. Our activities ranged from the Arrive & Drives to the wine tour, to the LeMay Museum Tour, to the Chili Cook-off, to the Porsche Show & Shine at the
Deschutes Historical Society, to the monthly meetings, to track days. You get the picture. We had a wide range of diverse events and we definitely had something for everyone.

All of our events have continued to be well attended and everyone continues to have a good time. “It’s not just the cars, it’s the people,” is so true and alive and well in our club. What made all the events of the past year so great were the people! Every activity I recall I have memories of people talking and smiling and socializing. Whether it’s with a glass of wine at a winery or pushing our cars under the Spruce Goose for a photo opp or even at a track day, club members gathering and enjoying each other’s company is the common thread of all our events.

Come share this “Most wonderful time of the year” and all the other wonderful times of the past year with us at the Holiday Party, where it will again be about the people! (RSVP Deadline extended to next Tuesday.)

In the Spirit of the season I would like to give thanks to our club's Board Members, the event organizers, the event attendees and all who pitch-in and help when something needs to be done. Without the people who do, so we all can do, there would be no doing. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes so we all can continue to enjoy our club and ourselves. Thank you to all the doers over all the years!

Thank you to the supporters of our club over the past year, Carrera Motors, German Master Tech (both provide valuable services that we need as Porsche owners), Hutch’s Bicycles and Fireside.

Have a great Holiday Season, find a Porsche in your stocking, contribute to Peace on Earth and have a great New Year!

Auf Wiedersehen!