Presidential Ramblings

by Tim Hagner,
Club President

It’s said, "Change is good." I feel it’s more like, "Change is inevitable." At the global level, all the way down to our personal level, it seems that change happens. Change is the constant.

We have some “change” in the club this New Year with the movement of the monthly meeting to the third Wednesday of the month. The time and location remain the same, only the day has changed. This is to keep the "Arrive and Drive" and the meeting from being on top of each other in the same week.

Roger Sanders is now the club Photo Editor as well as Historian. Please submit all your club related photos to him. He will gather all photos, edit and post them on the web so we all can see and share your photos. Thumb drive or disk is the best way to get your wanted photos to him. Emailing reduces photo quality, quantity and ties up resources. We want your photos! Go ahead and work Roger!

Jim Lewis is now the calendar coordinator for the club. Your entire event related questions, plans and publicity should go through him. If you're putting on an event, please keep him posted of your plans. Part
of what he does is keeping us from having scheduling conflicts (hard to believe, but we do). To do that, he needs to know your plans. We are trying to spread the load of running the club so no one person is overloaded and the club continues to run well.

I feel like “Father Christmas” except it should be “Father Porsche." I’ve helped deliver Porsche Happiness this December to two people. We now have a new club member and Porsche enthusiast driving a 1984 Guards Red Carrera and a current member, who was without a Porsche, now is driving a 2002 Lapis Blue Carrera. Porsche smiles all around! Me? I’ve got a Porsche smile, too, while looking for the “perfect” Cayman S. Change, it always is.

Happy New Year to All!
Auf Wiedersehen!