Presidential Ramblings

by Tim Hagner,
Club President

Spring is in the air! The Porsche is in the garage (maintenance is done and the tires are aired) and the driving season is near. Does it get any better than this? OK, I’ve already started driving, spring may be in the air but the lava is off the roads!
Have you looked at our calendar for April? Wow, every weekend has at least one event and one weekend has two events on the same day. We are a busy group, trying to make up for the lost time of winter I guess.
We are going to expose ourselves to the fine discipline that is Concours d’elegance. We’re not talking Pebble Peach, but we know it’s an activity that is very popular in PCA and we should give it a go here in the High Desert. Enter David Vadman, our Concours guru from Zone 8. Dave and Tim Morris have put together a Concours primer as part of our Spring Tech Session. Then you can take your newfound knowledge and put it into action for our 3rd annual Show and Shine at the Deschutes County Historic building. We’ll have a “Peoples Choice” award, as always, plus we’re adding a judged class. Paint and interior only, no looking in the engine compartment or under the car, thank God! Are you going to give it ago? Come on, you were going to wash and wax your Porsche anyway.
On the driving front, we’re going full speed ahead. Bren is putting together a full calendar of DE’s for us so we can get out and drive the Porsche. Our first scheduled event is the Carrera driving event (at PIR) in May and than it includes events at ORP and a field trip to a new facility, The Ridge Motorsports Park outside of Tacoma.
Don’t forget this year's Charter Dinner. Come help us celebrate our 13th birthday; come be a teenager with us. We’re still growing and developing as a club; be part of the process. See our web page for the reservation form and menu choices. We’ll be celebrating at the Bend Country Club so do bring the Porsche for our “family” photo on the green.
For those that didn’t “Un-plug”, make sure you make the next one. It was a great tour. Why? Because it proved once again, "it’s not about the cars, it’s the people." How’s that for pressure, Sanders?
As a club we are fully “plugged in” to our Porsches - our club and the entire social, driving, arriving and driving and touring that comes with the Driving Season. Let the good times roll!
Auf Wiedersehen!