2013 “Time 2 Shine”

by David Vadman
HDR will have the third annual show up and show event; located again this year on the lawn at the Deschutes County Historical Museum.  The date is June 15, 2013 at 8:30 AM and concludes with the “Awards Ceremony” at Noon. An Awards Ceremony will be included because this year the event is adding organization for judged presentations of the participants electing to enter a judged classification. The organization is developing this now and will tailor it to the uniqueness of HDR and those members who participate. It is starting from scratch and, although the nature is one of a typical PCA Concours d’Elegance, the concept is to promote fun and interest in competitive display of these magnificent machines.
The event is “Time 2 Shine” and will be the first ever HDR display of member’s cars offering judged evaluation of their preparation. An entry fee of $20.00 is required in order for the Club to meet its donation commitment to the Historical Museum. Participating members' cars are invited to the event and can participate in either a Display category or Judged Classification. Participation in a Judged Class is encouraged to sample the experience of Concours activity and at the same time benefit in the wonder of driving your carefully cleaned ride. Information is readily available to investigate the whats and hows of participation. Considerable writings are posted on the PCA Zone 8 website ( http://zone8.pca.org/ ). On this site, clicking on “Events,” then "Concours d’Elegance" presents a variety of writing and photo detail illustrations describing what to expect at an event, how to prepare your Porsche, and product suggestions for a variety of needs. Scoring sheets for “Exterior” and "Interior” are posted and are the same as will be used at the HDR activity. The Zone 8 website is a single resource for a wide variety of information, but certainly not the only source others may know about.
Car classification is yet to be determined. It will include all model types and may be as simple as pre and post 1990 or other breakdown based on the types and quantities of particular models. To help event organization, we request an early response from all members planning to enter the event and the model type they will bring.  Since this is the first occasion also, we also request members who are interested in participating on judging teams to express their early interest. A special seminar is planned for Saturday June 8, in order to provide training for interested persons without prior experience and to coordinate criteria and approach for those with prior experiences, but not necessarily at PCA events.
Early interest and commitment to attend or to be a part of judging teams and attend the June 8 training session will be collected by David Vadman via e-mail – RARE968@HOTMAIL.COM.  Requested information is name, Porsche model, and indication of interest in judging. In the event you plan to attend, but only Display your ride, we will gladly make note, but encourage you to give Judged class participation a try. The entry fee is $20.00 and will be collected on the day of the event at the Museum.