Presidential Ramblings


Presidential Ramblings
I’m late this month with this and I apologize.  But I was thinking of you! 
Wow, 40 Porsches at the last arrive and drive, that must be a new record for us.  Thanks to Jim and Doug (first time tour leaders) for leading this event.  Have an idea for a tour?  Contact me and we’ll help you fulfill your tour leader dream.
The High Desert Region PPP team finished 2nd in class, age 55 – 60 co-ed, out of eight teams and looked very stylish in their team tee shirts that we provided for them.  I think we should lobby for a driving leg next year, and rename the event PPPP (Pole, Peddle, Pedal, Petrol). 
Why I love Porsche, reason number 15, track days.  As some of you may know a small but impressive group of 5 drivers from High Desert Region braved the wilds of the Great Pacific Northwest to drive the Ridge Raceway in Shelton, WA.  I drove the Cayman to the event, spent 2 days driving it hard on the track and than drove it home! Never missed a beat and never disappointed.  One word of advice tho, turn the PSM off for track time.  The PSM (Nanny system) didn’t like what I was doing with the car and I came in with some very hot brakes.  PSM off, car responded better, wasn’t fighting me, and brakes where fine.  Got 28.2 MPG on the way to, 27.3 MPG on the return leg and a tank per day on the track.  Great car, great track and great friends, who could ask for more?  Can’t wait for another “track trip”, Sears Point, Laguna or?  Don’t miss the next one.  Mike Simmons, Bren Hirschberg, Kevin Neary and Roger Egle were the other intrepid track travelers.  Kevin’s’ “new and improved” Cayman was quite an eye opener!
Lots of events the next couple of weeks so check the calendar and watch the emails for reminders.  I’ve got to get back to cleaning the car, see the paragraph above, to be ready for the Car Show.
Auf Wiedersehen!