October Presidential Ramblings

It’s the first of the month and time to Ramble!

Just saw the movie RUSH and thought it was a great story and film. If you get a chance you should see it on the big screen.
Tim Hagner

Did you feel that?  That slight breeze that went by and you don’t know where it came from.  It’s the wind of change blowing through our club.  Are you nervous?  No, it’s not the new and improved Panorama, I must say I think that the new size and format are a nice update!  The change is to our yearly planning meeting. In the past we bribed the members (you) to this meeting in November with free pizza, otherwise no one would show up.  This November will be a normal meeting and no free pizza and no calendar to fill-in. We have established an Events Planning Committee that will lay out next years calendar, establish events and tour leaders.  Not without your help and input though. There will be an email coming out with all the details and what you can do to help support your club.  At the club’s Holiday Dinner we will have a printed calendar to hand out so you can hang it on the refrigerator and not miss a single event in the coming year.

The last scheduled Arrive and Drive is now upon us and you won’t want to miss it, the last one of the season is always special.  If the weather is good between now and the first Saturday of November we might sneak in another A & D.  Watch for an email later in the month.

We, the High Desert Region, have been invited to the Carrera Motors Oktoberfest the 4thof October, Friday evening.  I hear there is something special at the Porsche showroom.  Can you make it? I hope so. 

Would you like to become a Board Member?  Lot’s of perks (too many to list here), the respect and admiration of your fellow club members, the reward of a job well done and you get to attend the quarterly meeting. Please let me know because it’s time to start getting our next years board in order and we have some opportunities for you.