Last Track Day of 2013

by Bren Hirschberg

The last track day of the season, put on by Hooked On Driving at PIR, attracted 8 (or so) members for a bit of track fun. Jared Isaacs, Mark McConnell, Roger Egle, Mike Simmons , Kevin Neary, and Bren Hirschberg all made the trek, as well as Mike’s son Josh, Kevin’s Boxster buddy, and Vicki McConnell. Josh Simmons should really be an official member of the HDR Renngruppe, as he has attended every one of the year’s events. Living in Tacoma makes his commitment even more remarkable. This event, however was special for Josh, as he was an actual DRIVER in his own group instead of doing “ride-alongs” with his Dad. Its just a little bit different from the Left seat!

Yes, Mark has a big smile under the helmet!

The day was overcast and cool with the track surface never getting above 60, but at least the track was dry! Which is saying something for Portland in late October. Everyone had fun, no incidents, no problems (except for the occasional mechanical issues  which were easily remedied ) . Roger Egle drove his RSAmerica with its newly rebuilt Gamroth engine, and looked strong. Mark McConnell, newly retired, was able to take advantage of his free time to get his yellow 911 Targa to the track for his first bit of instruction.  Kevin, a certified HOD instructor, rode with several of the members and helped them perfect their “line” as well as giving scorching demo rides in his heavily modified Cayman S+.

Jared Isaacs blasted through the intermediate group in his Cayman S and “Team Simmons” led the way in the Lime Monster in two different run groups! Everyone enjoyed the day and we will now retire the Renngruppe for a long winter’s nap.  See you next Spring!!