The Second “Last”

by Tim Hagner

It was a little wet and a little cool and a little windy and a lot of Porsche driving enjoyment.  I think that best sums up our second “last” A & D of the season.

Eight Porsches arrived and drived the one hundred and ten mile loop that combined rainbows with some of my favorite roads here in Central Oregon. Early in the drive we got wet, “We’re so spoiled here. In Seattle if we didn’t drive in the wet we never would drive!” commented Pete Olson. Yes, we are spoiled here and we love it.

The first stop was at Smith Rock State Park, cool and breezy, not much social activity here as most wanted back into the comfort of their Porsche.  Thanks to a dead battery in Lisa Sarmiento’s 911 we got to warm-up a little by pushing her Guards Red ride around the lot. Fun for the pushers, worrying for Lisa.  “Don’t stall it” was the best advice we had for her. She didn’t and completed the rest of the journey without a push.

Can you push start a PDK? No one ever mentions that in the PDK vs. Manual argument that’s raging.  Over the years I’ve helped push start a few Porsches.  I digress, back to the A&D. 

We added a last minute second rest stop at the Prineville Reservoir boat ramp: good call. It was sunny and warm and all enjoyed the stop with lots of social time.  Than it was onto the Phoenix restaurant in Bend for lunch with seven of the eight cars in attendance, Lisa had gone straight home for the safety of her garage.  After an enjoyable lunch seven Porsches set off on there separate ways and I was again reminded that; It’s not just the cars! It’s the people!

Editor's Note: My (Lisa's) car is now winterized and ensconced in the garage sans battery.