In the Zone

Zone 6 Representative
Tim Hagner
I’ve been “zoning” some and I am still a long way from meeting everyone!  But I’m closer now than a month ago and by the end of the year I will have had my feet in every Region at least once.
Lots of Zone 6 activities going on; so let’s get started.
If you are part of Zone 6 and attending the Parade in Monterey, you are invited to attend the Zone 6 Reception. As of a couple of days ago there were 250 Zone 6’ers registered. Good job Zone 6!  We are in the process of finalizing the reception and here’s what we know so far. It will be on Monday the16th of June at the Hyatt (host) Hotel, after the Concours.  The time is not firm but 4:30 to 5:30 pm is what we’re trying to get: the perfect time for a reception. There is no Parade Banquet that night and everyone is on his or her own for dinner.  Meet your friends and make some new zone 6 friends at the reception, than head out for dinner.  We’ll make sure you are updated with all you need to know before you go to Parade.
Have you heard about how California is low on water?  If you are going to Parade you’ll find out first hand.  We’ll not be allowed to wash our cars at this years’ Parade.  I’m bringing my waterless cleaner and a bunch of micro-fiber towels.  It’ll take more than that to dampen my Parade spirits!    
Have you heard about the Zone 6 logo contest going on from now till September 1st?  There are lots of talented people in our zone and I’m sure there will be no lack of great ideas.  I know this because I’ve received 5 logos already!  The winning logo will be announced on September 15th. Send your logo submission to your regional President and they’ll past it on to me.  We are updating the Zone 6 website so all your entries can be viewed there.  More to follow.
Speaking of the Zone 6 website, Dennis Coplen of PNW is doing some updates and revisions to the site for us. Thank you, Dennis.  This is a work in process, so stop by and check it out and look for the logos!      
Big news, Living Skies Prairie Region is proud to announce the launch of their new club on Saturday May 31st, in Saskatoon, SK.  This is the 16th Region in our zone.  Welcome to the family!  I look forward to meeting everyone.
Coming next year, it’s never too early to start planning, the Lap of Zone 6.  This should be a driving tour for the ages.  Lots more to come on this and thank you to Bill Bauer for taking this on!
Hope to see you soon and don’t forget: it really is about the people.