High Desert Porsche Club Scholarship Funds

(L-R) Deschutes County Risk Management Claims Coordinator Judy Sumners, Deschutes County Administrator/Risk Manager Erik Kropp, and Risk Management Senior Secretary Robin Edwards
High Desert Porsche Club Scholarship Funds
Awarded for Student SkidCar Trainings
Deschutes County would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the High Desert Porsche Club for once again selecting Deschutes County’s SkidCar program as a recipient of their generous scholarship dollars to benefit student drivers.
SkidCar training scholarship winners are selected with the help of the High Desert Driver’s Education program staff by holding drawings at local high schools. The scholarship funds will enable 28 students to attend the SkidCar program. Students are very enthusiastic about this life-saving training opportunity and are scheduling their classes through Risk Management staff (right-Senior Secretary Robin Edwards).
Deschutes County Risk Management Claims Coordinator, Judy Sumners (left in photo), and High Desert Driver’s Education
Co-Manager, Rick Nickell, were invited to attend a recent Porsche Club’s dinner meeting to accept the $2,520 check.
The SkidCar can simulate the driving conditions of rain, ice, and snow, while allowing drivers to gain experience and confidence in a safe and controlled environment.
Deschutes County offers SkidCar training classes seven-days-a-week, by appointment, with a maximum of three participants per class. Many insurance companies will offer premium discounts for completing the course.

Please visit http://www.deschutes.org/SkidCar, or call (541) 330-4631 for details about the Deschutes County SkidCar training program. #