Arrive & Drive Plus Pete’s Garage & Catered Lunch! – October 2014

So what do you get when you mix the end of our HDPCA Arrive & Drive season with incredible weather and the promise of a catered meal at Pete Olson’s Garage? You get 56 Porsches with 100 club members enjoying one of the best Arrive & Drives ever.



Drivers' Meeting


 This October 2014 Arrive & Drive was by far the largest ever. After a driver’s meeting that explained the importance of a number of safety related driving procedures, we separated into three driving groups. Off we went, from 90 HP 356s to 500HP Turbos, all ready for a fun Saturday morning.


Our route took us on the Bend Redmond Hwy, through Redmond to the Oneil Hwy. Then we drove north on Lone Pine Rd. passing by many large ranches and open high desert topography. We continued on to the Madras Prineville Hwy, drove through the back streets of Madras, then east on a route to Lake Simtustus Resort for a rest stop.

The scenic road going down to the resort has to be the steepest and twistiest road in Oregon. From there we drove back south along Lake Billy Chinook and stopped at one of the most spectacular overlooks in Oregon. If you haven’t driven along the east side of Billy Chinook and stopped at the overlooks, be sure to add it to your must see list.

From there we drove south the Lower Bridge Way, at the Crooked River Ranch and headed west. We continued on Lower Bridge Way to Holmes Rd. This route has many great turns, and transitions from junipers to more beautiful ranches. We passed green fields and in one case, rolling green hills with at least a thousand grazing alpacas. Taking the Lower Bridge Rd. all the way out to the alpaca ranch and stopping there for a tour is another drive you need to add to your list.

DSC_0128Still in three driving groups, we continued on Holmes Rd and at Hwy. 26, the McKenzie Hwy, we turned back to Redmond. We entered Eagle Crest from the McKenzie Hwy. (their secret access road) and on to Pete’s Garage. We probably had 50 Porsches of all colors and models parked in front of Pete’s place.

DSC_0126Our club provided us with lots of catered food, more than we needed, that’s for sure. As you would expect, it was mostly men in Pete’s Garage. In case you don’t know, Pete, our president, has an incredible garage with a nice attached home. Pete spent a lot of time talking about his car collection to everyone. His Porsche collection currently goes from a Slant Nosed Turbo to a Cayman GTS stacked above an award willing early Corvette. Pete’s Ferrari and award winning Corvettes seemed to have been ignored. It was Pete’s replica Ford Cobra Daytona Coupe that got the attention. Of course it was dark blue with white racing stripes.

The Daytona Coupe is one of the best looking, if not the best looking racing car ever designed. Pete’s Daytona is licensed for the street and driven on the street, loud exhaust and all. Pete started his Daytona for our musical entertainment. It might have been loud, but it was music to the ears of those that have incurable car disease.        

With good early November weather, we may have another Arrive & Drive this year, but more than likely it will be late next spring before you can enjoy another one. So, starting next spring, be sure to keep your first Saturdays of each month open for our HDPCA Arrive & Drives.

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