Presidential Ramblings – October 2014

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I recently returned from the Mt. St. Helens Fall Tour.  It was Fantastic!  Perfect Weather, Perfect Friends, Perfect Porsches…  Thank you to the Loring’s & the Chernoff’s for the great event!

Group PhotoCheck the photo for all of the smiling faces!   Oh… and then, sometimes you need to take a “drastic measure” to reserve a prime parking spot for a fellow HDR member!Pete Saving Stall

I have been on all of the HDR tours this year (except of the early “unplugged tour”).  Each has been very special in it’s own way!  and.. I am also looking forward to the October Crater Lake Tour.

Each tour provides an opportunity to strengthen friendships, and also get to know new friends.  A hearty “thank you” to all of our HDR members who have planned and coordinated each of the 2014 tours!  I know that it takes time, money & lot’s of creative energy to create a successful tour!

 I know this, because I had the opportunity to co-host a tour last year. And, I can tell you that it is most rewarding to see all of the smiling faces, along with the warm satisfaction of hearing so many “thank you’s!

Looking ahead to 2015…traditionally we have (4) week-end overnight tours.  We have a member who has gratuitously volunteered to arrange and coordinate the Fall HDR tour.  We are off to a great start!

So, I would be interested in hearing from you regarding your ideas and support in creating the (3) additional tours.  Send me your ideas to 

Also, we are still looking for an HDR Event Coordinator.   Keep in mind that the Event Coordinator is the “glue” who oversees club activities, get’s them on the calendar, and coordinates with the members who are “directly responsible” for each activity.   There must be someone out there willing to volunteer for this position… Could it be you?  I would like to hear from you, and we can talk.

              Enjoy your Porsche & Porsche Friends Even More!

Pete Olson