Fall Adopt a Road Cleanup – November 2014

 It was another beautiful Central Oregon fall day reminding most of us why we moved here. The sky was clear except for a few wispy cirrus clouds over the freshly dusted Sisters.


Photos provided by Scott Loring



Joe Mansfield

By 9 o'clock our director Joe Mansfield had set up the D. O. C. warning signs on both sides of highway 20, handed out neon yellow vests and gave us our safety instructions. As my grandmother used to say, "many hands make light work" and with more than 20 hands on deck we split up into 2 groups and headed up and down the highway.




Jim doing a Pete imitation

We were done in less than an hour leading me to believe there must be a few folks that have a modicum of respect for our posted section of the highway. We found cardboard, paper, various car parts, a lot of cigarette butts, blue twine (remnants from hay bales), coyote skulls and a doe Mule Deer. After we were done we gathered back at the pull out and indulged in some hot coffee and doughnuts provided by Joe. One of my highlights was seeing a beautiful 430 hp Cayenne GTS, owners name forgotten. All in all it was a satisfying morning making our section of the highway a little more beautiful. A sincere Thanks to all the volunteers!



Jim (HDR Webitor)