In the Zone – November 2014


Tim Hagner

It’s that time of the year, for a large number of us the Porsche gets tucked away till spring, and our thoughts turn towards the Holidays or those winter “updates”!  We got an early snow here in Bend and all the Porsche sports cars disappeared!


But first, let’s look back a little bit, Polar region celebrated their 25th anniversary and I’m happy to say, “I was there”.  There is Edmonton Canada.  Thank you Polar Region for great hospitality, great food and great Porsche camaraderie.  Like all the Regions, I’m looking forward to the return trip!  I hope to be able to help celebrate many more anniversaries with you.


We drove to the Silver Sage Region, Boise Idaho, to attend their annual charity dinner and auction.  This was another great event with both a silent auction, bidding open through dinner, and a regular “bidding war” that was after dinner .The bidding provided some great after dinner entertainment and some really fun items where on the block!  During the evening we did get an occasional update on the “Broncos” football score, but not one Duck update!  After the bidding ended and the dust settled Silver Sage had raised approximately $10,000 for their two charities.  Great job Silver Sage!


Logo update, we have a winner and it has been approved by Porsche Cars as good to go!  Because the logo has a likeness of a Porsche in it we needed their approval.  We are in the process of a few last minute “tweaks” and will have it out to you very soon.  It looks very cool!


This has been a learning year for me, thanks to everyone for your support.  Figuring out the travel has been the hardest part, but we mostly got through it all unscathed!  For the record it was 5,600 miles driven  (mostly the old 930) and approximately 11,500 flying miles, all in support of Zone 6, whew!  You’re worth it!!


Looking forward, have a happy and safe Holiday season with your family and Porsche friends.  I plan on seeing everyone next year!


Don’t forget: it really is about the people.