Chili Cook Off – February 2015

The Annual Chili Cook-Off was held February 28, 2015 at Club Carrera.  It is perhaps no coincidence that our hosts Porsche of Bend preferred that this year’s contest be held around back, rather than in the front showroom as last year.  Rumor has it that much of the showroom traffic after last year’s contest wanted to know how to participate in the Chili Cook-Off rather than wanting to see new Porsches.

About 40 club members attended and sampled eleven chili entries, accompanied by some nice side dishes.  There were three announced categories: Spicy, Vegetarian, and Mild.  Club members exercised their right not to follow directions, however, and not only selected winners in each announced category, but via write-ins added a fourth category of Best Overall.

First-time Chili Cook-Off winners for Best Vegetarian Chili were Jeanine Faria and her daughter Kerry Witterschein, pictured at right.

Winners 2015

It is noted that for the first time in three years, Roger Sanders did not win this category.  Some speculated this was because, unlike in previous years, Roger’s was not the only entry in the vegetarian category.  Roger states for the record, however, that he couldn’t have won this year because he didn’t enter.

The hotly contested Best Spicy Chili category was won by Viki McConnell, third from right.

Bill Riser, pictured second from left, accepted the Best Mild Chili category award for repeat winner Helen Riser, who was last year’s co-winner for best chili overall.

Repeat winner Andi Heyward, the other co-winner for last year’s for best chili overall, together with her daughter Coe Heyward, pictured in the center, won the Best Overall Chili category for 2015.

Pictured at left is Lisa Sarmiento, the club’s Safety Chair and Chili Cook-Off organizer.  This event is a club favorite and definitely wouldn’t have happened without Lisa’s hard work and good planning.  The club thanks Lisa and the Chili Chefs and is looking for even better turnout and even more entries in 2016.