In the Zone – April 2015



Tim Hagner - High Desert Past President/Zone 6 Representative



It’s time to start “zoning”!  The kick-off event for me was the Zone 6 Presidents meeting.  This years meeting was hosted by the Canada West Region in Vancouver, BC. We time these meetings to be after the National Board meeting and hopefully we do good in the weather department.  It’s still very much winter in a lot of our 16 regions.  These yearly meeting are a time for us to share knowledge, experiences and learn.  It takes lots of effort and coordination to run a club of this size efficiently. Don’t forget we are the largest single mark club in the world!

Amanda Kremser, daughter-in-law of Canada West’s President Erwin, was our Zone 6 logo winner.  We tried to have her at the Presidents meeting so we could thank her and we could have gotten a picture to share with everyone. Things didn’t work out, sorry. Thank you Amanda!

My first zone visit was the week-end before the Presidents meeting at the Pacific Northwest’s Tech session featuring the 918. This was held at the Bellevue Porsche store. Wow!  Over 400 PCA’ers in attendance, what a great sight. We still didn’t fill the service area, that Porsche store is HUGE. We where told it is currently the largest in North America.  Great job PNW, tremendous support from the membership and a well run show.

The Presidents meeting was held in Vancouver this year to coincide with Canada West’s 40th anniversary celebration, the oldest Canadian Region in PCA.  Congratulations Canada West!  We even had Caren Cooper, President of PCA, on hand to join the party. 

Ok, some zone fun facts:

            Canada West is the 7th oldest region in our zone

            Pacific Northwest is the oldest at 56 years

            Living Skies Prairie is the youngest of our 16 regions, at 1 year old

The BIG zone event of the year is the Zone 6 Grand Tour.  Really, make your plans and clear your calendar, this will be THE tour to end all tours.  A two week, 4,000 mile romp through the Grandest Zone of them all, how can you not be there? The regions are busy putting their routes together, planning the hand-offs and making ready for us. Can’t do the whole tour? That’s ok, our Tour master Bill Bauer is designing it so you can drop-in and out as needed. We have a commitment from Pete Stout, the Editor of Pano, to have a writer cover the event for a Pano feature. We are working on a live social media stream and Caren Cooper will be joining us for a least part of the tour.  You really don’t want to be left out.  If you have questions, ask your President, they are involved.

Some Grand Tour Facts:

                        Starts Saturday July 28 in the PNW region

                        Two ferry rides

                        Ends Saturday August 8 in the Oregon region

                        Will pass through all 16 regions, we are the largest zone in PCA at                              over 1.4 million square miles

I’ll see you in the zone!