Tech Session – European Car Care – April 2015

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European Car Care was the host for our most recent Tech Session.  The weather was clear, though somewhat crisp, which was a good thing as the presentation was held outside to accommodate the numerous Porsche models that served as the visual aid to understanding the subject of the day, “Porsche Design Evolution”.

Club member and Shop Manager, Jonathon Smith, provided tasty refreshments and an even more appetizing précis of the complex and comprehensive advancement of the 911 from 1968 to the present.  With voluminous notes, reflecting a great deal of research, Jonathon led us step by step and horsepower increase by horsepower increase through the process.  And, of course, it wasn’t  just about power escalations, but overall advancements, design changes, production procedures, and the incredible engineering nuance that continued the rapid sophistication of the 911 model.  This lengthy development process allowed Porsche to enact superlative quality improvement in every facet of our treasured automobiles.  As we all know, these technological and design advancements have become integral qualities of other Porsche models.  Jonathon also provided data relating to production numbers, car pricing, wind drag numbers, wheelbase length, available options, lubrication changes, and other pertinent data.  Whew!

Our hats are off and our thanks given to Jonathon and Selma for providing us with such an unusual morning’s education and outing.