COCC 50th Anniversary Celebration – May 2015




May 14th 2015 was a milestone day for Central Oregon Community College (COCC), as they held their 50th Anniversary Celebration. 



The High Desert Region Porsche Club has actively supported the COCC Automotive Department, with scholarship funding, for the past several years.  Earlier this year, Our HDR club presented them with a $3600.00 check to continue this funding.

I am in the process of taking a COCC evening class on Hybrid Technology, to learn more about the direction which Porsche and many other automotive manufactures are heading.  Ken Mays, the instructor, asked if we would be willing to provide a three car display at the 50th Anniversary event, depicting automotive past/present/future.  In response, I arranged to bring the following:

  • Past - 1961 356 Roadster (Fred Nielsen)
  • photo 2

    Ken Mays with Fred Nielsen's Porsche 356 Roadster

  • Present -2014 911 4S Cab (Kendall Motors - Porsche of Bend)

Helo and Porsches

  • Future - 2015 BMW i3 electric (Kendall Motors – BMW of Bend)
photo 1

Ken Mays & Pete Olson with the BMW i-3

It was a fun afternoon, and I had the enjoyment of driving the 911 4S Cab & the BMW i3 to the COCC campus & then back to Kendall.  Thanks to Al Kozeliski for shuttle service between Kendall and the campus.  Al’s Boxster also turned out to be a hit of the show!

COCC also offers helicopter flight training, and parked their green helicopter on the play field.  Of course, being the kids we are, we had to take the Porsches down to field for a photo shoot with the helicopter!

So… a big “thank you” to Kendall Motors, Fred Nielsen & Al Kozeliski for their participation!  And… thank you to the High Desert Porsche Club for the continued support of COCC Automotive Department! 

Pete Olson