Zone 6 Grand Tour

Zone 6 LogoThe Z6GT is now reality and the time has come to make plans if you want to join the tour. You can do the whole enchilada (15 days, 4700 miles ) or any portion thereof.  We assume that most of the HDR members will not be able to commit to the entire tour, so we suggest the following “loops” for your consideration. If you decide to participate, all the hotel and other arrangements are up to you, but contact either Bren Hirschberg or Tim Hagner for guidance and we will coordinate the loop groups.

Loop 1 –July 24-29, Day 1-3 of the Tour. This trip will take 5-6 days and join the tour at the Start Line in Seattle, up the Olympic Pennisula, Ferry to Victoria BC, around Vancouver, over the Canadian Rockies to Kelowna BC. Return to Bend straight down Hwy 97 out of Kelowna. If you are interested in this loop, make your reservations NOW.

Loop 2 –Aug 4-6, Day 12-14 of the Tour. Join the group in Spokane,WA, travel to McCall Idaho, back to Bend. This is a 3 day drive.

Loop 3 –Aug 7-9, Day 15-16 of the Tour. Leave Bend with the Tour group over to Oakridge, drive the Ofterheide hwy and overnight in Florence. Then on to Wilsonville for the Museum of Speed and the Finish line Celebration. Return to Bend. This will be a 2-3 day drive.

Here’s how to review the information and decide.

  • Go to this link to find details in an easy-to-use format:


  • Register at – no cost- just allows the regions to know who plans to be on the Tour. You can register for any or all parts.
  • Contact hotels, ferrys, etc. on your own for reservations

Join the fun and be a part of a unique and historic Tour of the largest Zone in PCA!!