Mimosas and Porsches – July 2015

mimosa-266x399Mimosas and Porsches!mimosa-266x399

Article by Mary Sanders

Mary SandersMimosas and Porsches!  We had both at our first “Ladies Tech Session” on Saturday, July 25th.  We didn’t look in any engine compartments or discuss the merits of different Porsche models, but we did learn a lot from Tim at German Master Tech.

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While Tim entertained the men for a short time, Kim started our discussion by asking if we all drive our Porsches.  YES, we do.  Some prefer to drive on long trips, others like to drive around town on errands and some really like to drive fast.  Some mentioned that they prefer to drive without their spouse in the car.  Maybe you can guess why.  Being the passenger is of course, great fun too.

Tim’s talk was very informative.  He talked about the importance of keeping an eye on the gauges, especially the oil pressure gauge.  If the oil pressure is low, the safest thing to do is have the car towed, on a flatbed, and then get it checked out.  He talked about the dreaded “Check Engine” light and that it can mean hundreds of different things, including just a loose gas cap.  Tim gave us a nice overview of the services and help we can get from German Master Tech.  He answered lots of questions and recommended “Hooked on Driving.”  One of his main points was to enjoy our Porsches.

Thank you Tim and Kim for your hospitality and a delightful “Tech Session.”