Community Giving Thank You Notes

Dear Porsche Club,

The Skid Car training was an experience that I think many will benefit a lot from. It teaches you how to stay calm in certain situations and how to handle skids more effectively. I believe the Skid Car training was and is very beneficial and I wouldn’t have been able to experience it without your guys’ help. Thank you so much for the opportunity and I hope others will enjoy it as much as I did.


Evan Whitehead

Thank you Porsche Club of America for sponsoring my skid car class. I really enjoyed it. In the classroom portion I learned where the weight of the car goes when it accelerates and stops. I also learned what the different tread on tires is designed for.

The driving portion of the class was really fun. I was a bit nervous at first but because we did the same skid for awhile it became muscle memory. A week after I took the class we got two feet of snow while I was babysitting. I drove home in the new snow without snow tires and I slid a few times but because of the class I knew what to do.

Thank you again,

Mariah Murphy

Dear Bend Carrera Club,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in such a great program. The instructor, Mike, was a great guy who made the whole experience very enjoyable and really enhanced the whole program beyond what it already was. Just by that four hour class I feel much safer knowing what I am supposed to do and what I will do once I get out there on the icy roads. It really was fantastic doing it before my first winter driving because I was able to solidify all of the proper habits before I could develop bad ones, and I think that may be the most helpful thing yet. Once again I would just like to say thank you for giving me the chance to be a part of this great program and that I had a great time.


Thank you,

Jackson Shropshire

Barrett, Bradley

CARS Thank you letters 2015

Hudson, Trustin

Yurchenko, Aleksander