Tech Session – January 2016

Scott Loring Mug Shot



Scott Loring - High Desert PCA Events Chairman


Our first Tech Session of the year was a well-attended success!  Thanks to Service Manager David Tulacz and his staff of Brian Baker, Alex Wurm, and Niccole Largent.

As we munched doughnuts and sipped our hot coffee, we walked around one of the hoists to view the underside of a brand new Macan and observe where many of the hard to see safety systems lurk and how they function.  We usually only get the results of these readings inside our cars.  This approach allowed us the opportunity to not only understand why sensors and cameras are positioned where they are, but to also learn of the critical aspect and process of alignment. Kendall’s talented mechanics must check these systems on every new vehicle as well as keep them functioning properly on our older models.  Sometimes we tend to take these modern protection features for granted so it was worthwhile to understand the incredible advances that technology adds to safe motoring.  It also provided a glimpse into the process and development of the fast approaching advent of self-driving cars.

David then chatted about maintenance schedules and how the servicing intervals have been greatly extended on newer Porsches.  And, for many of us who have older cars, there were handouts providing maintenance routines and frequency for a half dozen models.  How very nice to have a good process to track our needs in a competent and methodical way!

Finally we had a thorough discussion of winter car maintenance with lots of questions and answers. For lengthy vehicle storage the subjects ranged from tire pressure to fuel additives, from non-ethanol gas to trickle chargers, to name just a few.  We also got a detailed explanation as to the length of time one should idle garaged cars… which can make a big difference!

As always, Porsche of Bend was a generous host and we thank them for their continual assistance to our HDR members!

And, don’t forget our next Tech Session at NW Wheel on April 23rd.  This is a must-see for all you “curb scrapers” out there!  Pete will send a notice a few weeks in advance.