Treffen – Lake Tahoe – September 2016

Pete Cropped


Pete Olson - High Desert Region PCA President


Treffen is German for “gathering”, & that is what several hundred Porsche Club members did at Lake Tahoe during the three-day event Sep 8th – 10th.

 These three-day gatherings are managed by National PCA, in conjunction with the local region where the event is being held.  Treffens are purposely held in a different region of the country, each year, from where that year’s Parade is held.  This strategy allows more Porsche Club members the ability to attend at least one of them. 


2016: Parade (Jay Peak, Vermont) & 1 Treffen (Lake Tahoe, California).

2017: Parade (Spokane, Washington) & 2 Treffens (Austin, Texas)

(Ashville, North Carolina).

 Grab one of these future opportunities if you can!

logo-of-treffen-porsche-club-of-america-lake-tahoe Logo of Treffen Porsche Club of America Lake Tahoe

 resort-at-squaw-creek-hotel-looking-out-over-the-valley-to-the-mountainsThe Resort at Squaw Creek Hotel provided spectacular views from the all of our glass front suites.

the-view-out-the-window-of-the-gondola-as-we-headed-to-the-top-of-the-mountain-for-dinner Resort at Squaw Creek Hotel, looking out over the Valley to the Mountains

 Then, after a full day Thursday, the evening car show was held in The Village at Squaw Valley, with Porsches randomly parked among the shops. This provided an opportunity to socialize and enjoy outdoor refreshments & dinner.

porsche-show-presentation-at-the-village-at-squaw-valleyPorsche Show Presentation at the Village at Squaw Valley

 Friday morning provided the opportunity to take an early Porsche drive along the shores of Lake Tahoe, followed by being treated to a 2-hour boat cruise.  Refreshments & a delicious casual buffet were served while we enjoyed the brilliant blue water and the mountains in the background.

heading-down-the-dock-to-the-lake-tahoe-cruise-boat Heading Down the Dock to the Lake Tahoe Cruise Boat

 Moving right along… Saturday morning we were up at 4:15 AM for a bus ride to Reno to enjoy the Balloon races.  Quite a site!  Thousands of people were camped out overnight in order to see dozens of hot air balloons being inflated & lifting into the sky, shortly after dawn.

     reno-balloon-races-up-up-awayReno Balloon Races – Up, Up & Away!

After that…  off to the Reno National Auto Museum for lunch & a guided tour!

an-absolutely-fantastic-presentation-of-autos-at-the-national-automobile-museumAn Absolutely Fantastic Presentation of Autos at the National Automobile Museum

Saturday evening was the closing Treffen event with a spectacular gondola ride up the mountain, to the Village of Squaw Valley High Camp, site of the 1960 Winter Olympics. Once again, refreshments, along with a delicious buffet dinner.  What a ride! What a view! What an evening!                

the-view-out-the-window-of-the-gondola-as-we-headed-to-the-top-of-the-mountain-for-dinnerThe view out the window of the Gondola as we headed to the “Top of the Mountain” for dinner

posing-with-new-porsche-friends-at-the-top-of-the-mountain-lake-tahoe-in-the-backgroundPosing with new “Porsche Friends” at the top of the Mountain, Lake Tahoe in the background

 So… after a fantastic Treffen, I reflected on the Porsche friends, that I once again visited with, & have gotten to know over the years. They are from all over the nation: Florida, Colorado, California, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Minnesota, Nevada & Maryland.

 Each year I look forward to seeing them again, along with meeting many new friends at the each National PCA event!

         Enjoy your Porsche & Porsche Friends Even More!