HDRPCA Membership Update – December 2016



Sam Davis - High Desert PCA Membership Chair


Our club has experienced phenomenal membership growth this year. In a recent Webcast with the PCA, it was noted that attracting and retaining new and existing members is critical to the successful growth of a PCA club.

We excel at this! It takes hard work, support by the membership and members who are willing to fill our Board positions and to coordinate our events to achieve this success. This underscores the critical need for members to volunteer for open positons like the Event Chairman.

Multiple factors have led to the HDRPCA success:

  • A great year for Kendall Porsche who awards new local owners a 1 year memberships to the HDRPCA.
  • Our friendly, enthusiastic membership who sponsor and support club activities
  • HDRPCA events that attract new members (non-Kendall sponsored) and allows us to retain current members.
  • Our reputation as one of the leading clubs in the PCA.
  • Honors such as the 2016 Community Service Award increasing our visibility within greater PCA.

Great job!

HDRPCA Membership Update
Number  1/1/2016  8/1/2016  11/1/2016
 Lost ? 2
 New Pending 7
 Official 222 236 240
 Official + Pending 247
 Co-members 155 159 161
 Co-members 155 159 161
Change Since  1/1/16 Last Quarter
Co-Members 6 2
Official members 18 4
Percent 8.1% 1.7%
Official + Pending 25 11
Percent 11.3% 4.7%