Powder Coating Tech Session


Powder coating is a technology for coating anything metal virtually any color.  We are most familiar with its use on wheels and engine tin for air cooled cars, but its uses extend to anything metal that would otherwise be painted.

I have used it on the suspension parts of my 912 and exhaust tips on my 996, but I also used it to restore a set of Eames chairs that my dad purchased in 1956, and to make a rusty hot tub heater look respectable again.

Tracy will explain and demonstrate the process, including application of the powder and firing of the product.  I guarantee you will find this session interesting even if you don’t work on your car.

Session information:

Date:  Saturday, January 7, 2017

Time:  9-11am

Location:    Commercial Powder Coating
20544 Builders Ct, Bend, OR (Map)
(Just South of NE Empire off Boyd Acres Rd.)


-- Jerry Kolb