Skill Orientation

By Bren Hirschberg

There are essentially 5 levels to Drivers Education events:

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  1. Driver’s Skills Clinics
  2. Autocross
  3. High Performance Drivers Education (HPDE or just DE)
  4. Advanced Solo Driving Events
  5. Club Racing

Each of these has their own particular requirements, schedules, costs and benefits. There are many different organizations that provide these various venues, and my goal is to try and organize this complicated subject in an understandable manner. While the HDR does not provide or sponsor ANY of these (mostly due to club size) we do have access to other PCA Region events and there is no lack of availability of events. As we develop more enthusiasm in the HDR for these driver’s events, my hope is that we can organize a group of attendees so that you are not faced with the awkwardness of being by yourself at an event. I've done that and believe me, it’s a lot more fun with friends along.  I will try to give you a fairly complete description of each type including a description, time commitment, costs, car preparation required, and personal preparation required so you can decide which event you would like to pursue.

Whatever level of driving event you choose, plan ahead as much as possible. Be aware of the rules and prepare before you leave home. Find someone who has done it before and ask for advice. Go with someone for mutual support and more fun. I will act as a central contact for some of these activities, so if you are interested in a particular event, let me know and I will get all the participants coordinated for sharing tools, air tanks, helmets, travel, etc.

“Screw your Courage to the Sticking place –Its Track Time!!”