Tech Session – NW Wheel & Tire

Notes from HDR-PCA Tech Session Saturday 1/8/2022 [captured by Mark Taylor]

Hosted by Dave Kelley, Founder.  Coffee and pastries were provided for the attendees.

HDR-PCA President Joe Mansfield opened the meeting and introduced Dave Kelley who described the shop and its range of services.  A question-and-answer session followed covering many topics including the use of winter and summer tires vs all-season compounds, use of studded vs non-studded winter tires, proper tire maintenance, effects of moisture content on changes in air pressure, nitrogen vs ambient air inflation, and many other topics of interest.  Dave then led the group on a tour of the shop facilities, describing the various tire shop spaces and equipment, lifts and tire balancing equipment, capability to store tires onsite for summer/winter changeovers, wheel cleaning and repair equipment, techniques and equipment for wheel prep and sandblasting, powder-coating in the large oven, and other capabilities of the shop.  During the tour the attendees asked many questions and all were answered in detailed with discussion and recommendations for maintaining the tires and wheels of our Porsche vehicles.  Northwest Wheel & Tire has been a PCA Member for over 10 years.


[See Mark’s attached photos].  Also, Roger Sanders took photos.