Presidential Ramblings December

I know the year is winding down because this is my twelfth Rambling. I’d like to thank Sue for reading every one!

What a year it has been for the High Desert Region. I counted 42 region events for this year. That doesn’t include Board Meetings or non-region events that we participated in. I had to review the calendar to refresh myself. I forgot about some of the events we had and I put them on. It has been a busy year.

Remember the Winter Driving Skills event at the Deschutes county driver training facility? That was way back in January. How about the snow cat ride to Elk Lake for Dinner? What a way to start the year. Did you tour the COCC auto facility to see our donations at work? Where you “shocked” at the electric car tech session? Did you enjoy the people and the cars at the Le Mans party? Where you one of the 55 cars on display at our first car show?

Did you drive in the wet and cold Drivers Training event at Hoodoo? Test your “couple” skills on the Photo Rally and eat German food? Meet new Porsche friends from the Cascade Region on our joint Drive and Dine? Did you join in the celebration of our club at the Charter Dinner? Taste some wine in Walla Walla? Immerse yourself in Porsche at Rennsport? Eat too much at a Supper Club event? Eat Pancakes at the Pancake House? These are just some of our events this year. Not to mention the track days at ORP sponsored by Carrera Motors. Yes, it’s been a very good year!

Thank you to all that put in the effort to make these events happen.

Thank you to all that participated in these events.

Without all of you we would not have the great club we have. We are a group of active, fun and friendly Porsche Club members. Hopefully we will be able to maintain our momentum and continue to improve and grow in the coming year.

“It’s not the cars, it’s the people.” I look forward to seeing YOU at the Holiday Dinner (I know there will be no cars)!

Auf Wiedersehen!