Presidential Ramblings

by Tim Hagner,
Club President

Do you remember MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers)? MADD was founded to stop teenagers from killing themselves because they where driving drunk. It’s now time for the “Mothers” to rename themselves and change their focus. I suggest their new name to be MADD (Mothers Against Driving Distracted).  I just read that “driving distracted” is now the number one cause of teenage automotive deaths. To all the “Mothers”, “Good job on the drunk thing”! Now onto new technology, new challenges.  I road with my nephew recently and he really scared the -------- (insert your favorite word) out of me. He spent more time looking down to text than looking at where we where going at 70 MPH, whew! But it’s not just the young afflicted with “driving distracted”. On our trip to the Monterey Historics we road with some friends of ours, who are in their 60’s, to Carmel. This is the same route we have driven for years to the same destination. My friend was driving, maybe I should say he was in the drivers seat, with the Audi navi system up and running, his iPhone had route guidance up and running and his Garmin was up and running. How much time did he spend driving? Not enough to suit me. After multiple offers he let me drive and he “navigated”. How often has someone’s poor driving caught your attention and then you see the cell in use? My point, we all are subject to distraction when driving, from the touch screen climate control, to texting. It’s hard to remember the objective was to drain the swamp when you’re up to your ass in alligators, the old saying went. It’s now hard to remember the objective is to drive when you’re up to your eyeballs in technology. I like alive and well Club members the best! So hey, don’t allow yourself to be distracted out there! Take a moment while I put my soapbox away...

The Charter Dinner is just around the corner (registration ends today) and the Arrive and Drive is coming and the “Red Napkin” is back, yeah! Spring is here.

Charter Dinner Unique Auction Item:  Oil painting variation on the well known Porsche poster of the 1952 Liege Rome road race over the Alps. Opening bid = $100

The Club meeting format changed this year, we (the Board) would like your feedback. So let us know yeah or nay. I’ve received both reviews and would like your review.

Did you sign-up for Parade? We (Sue and I) are number 244 and it was a painful two hour process the first day. I’ve been told it’s much faster now. We are excited to be going and hope you’ll be touring over with us to Salt Lake City. Tour details in the coming month, I’m working on the route. What does 386 KPH translate into MPH’s? The first person that emails me the correct answer will receive a prize at the next Club meeting. That would be the top speed of the Porsche 917 “Long Tail” at Le Mans in 1971. I believe the record still stands today.

Auf Wiedersehen!