Presidential Ramblings

by Tim Hagner,
Club President

And the events keep on coming!
Winners of the Chili Cook-off will be presented their trophies at the next club meeting, March 20th at Broken Top. Thanks to all the “chili cookers” for putting in the effort to make this event a continuing annual success.  And thank you to Club Carrera for having us.  Some of us were reminiscing about how we held the cook-off at a member’s house in the past.  Now with over 50 members in attendance it’s going to take a very large house.
Speaking of members, we have now passed the 160 primary members mark.  With affiliate members we are pushing 300 members. Can’t say enough about what a great group this is and it is truly “not just the cars, it’s the people”!
The Presidents are coming.  The Presidents are coming. The High Desert Region is hosting the Zone 6 Presidents annual meeting in Bend this year on March 9th.  High Desert members are invited to meet the Presidents at dinner that evening, 6:30 pm, at the Broken Top Club. This will be a sit down, order off the menu, in a reserved room dinner, not a normal meeting arrangement.  If you are planning to attend, please let me know, so we can make necessary arrangements.
Did you volunteer to lead the wine tour yet?
The “I’m sorry it’s all booked” Porsche un-plugged tour is later this month and if the weather stays like this, I’m plugging in the Porsche.
Stay tuned for our Spring Tech Session in April at GMT (German Master Tech). It’s a theme tech session with the theme being Concours.  David Vadman is working with Tim Morris to use the tech session as a way to introduce the High Desert to Concours with the goal to do some “limited” judging of our cars at our car show. “Limited” means no judging under the car or under the hood.  We’re going to wash and wax our cars anyway, so lets give it a try. 
No one answered my Cayman quiz question last month, so that week’s vacation in Hawaii was not given away!  Since then I’ve learned of another Meteor Gray Cayman in our club. So we now have 4 Meteor Gray Caymans in the club with 4 different interior colors, Terracotta, Natural, Black and Stone Gray. What are the odds? Who are the owners? Too late to win.
Attention Cayman owners. Wouldn’t it be nice that when you opened the hatch the windows automatically drop a little so you can close the hatch, with minimum effort and not damaging the ears of your passenger, then, when the hatch is closed the windows go back to the closed position? Dream comes true. Talk to Josh at GMT and for a nominal fee they can “Make it so…” on your Cayman.
Auf Wiedersehen!