Presidential Ramblings

Tim Hagner
Hello fellow Porsche People!  I’ve mentally given each and everyone of you the secret handshake and a “high five”.
It’s coming, I can feel it in the air and see it in the shadows, fall.  I’m not going to panic yet; we still have lots of great Porsche driving left in our driving season.  Our Arrive and Drive this month (September 7) is a twofer.  The standard 2 – 3 hour A & D tour or the day tour to Skamania Lodge for the Oregon Region’s Tribute / car show to the 50th Anniversary of the 911. 
Speaking of car shows, are you entered in this years Festival of Cars?  The theme here will be the 50thAnniversary of the 911 also.  This seems like a great time for our club to show in force, especially all the 911 owners.  Come show your Porsche Pride at a great local event.  Go to for complete info and registration forms.
Still speaking of car shows, I know you missed the “Hot August Nights” tour.  If you have any type of car pulse, this is the place to go!  I wasn’t sure about it before we went but now I’m looking forward to going again!  It’s American cars in all ages, shapes, colors, styles and full glory.  The two cruises at night are worth the drive in it’s self.  Sue and I sat on the curb for over an hour one evening and watched the show go buy.  My back/butt gave out and we left but the cars where still going by. Amazing.  Next time we’ll take some lawn chairs.  This was our first time to see an auction.  Barrett-Jackson was in town and we spent a day wondering, looking and watching. Fun.  Next time we’ll take some money.  I managed to spend over half a day wondering through the swap meet.  The swap meet ranged from junkyard junk to restored gems.  I did find a Porsche 944 and a grill from a MB for sale, the only German car or parts I could find.  I wore a “Porsche” t-shirt hoping someone would say,  “Hey, I’ve got some old Porsche…” dream on. Next time I’ll go there the first day and not the last.  I felt all the good stuff was gone.   I don’t even have an American car but I wanted to buy something, caught in the fever that is Hot August Nights.  The Sierra Nevada Region was having a car show and we even went to it!  They seemed surprised we would drive all the way to Reno and than stop by their event.  They were pleased we stopped by.  The next time we go we should coordinate with them.
As we all know and sometimes forget, “…It’s about the people…”
Auf Wiedersehen!