Presidential Ramblings March 2014

Pete Olson

February was an interesting month, one day being able to enjoy your Porsche on roads that were mostly devoid of the dreaded lava rock.  Then the next day we turned our attention to shovels and snow blowers.  Considering that variety is the spice of life, shoveling snow is actually good exercise!

Speaking of spice, we held our annual High Desert Region Club Chili Cook-off at Carrera Motors, in the Porsche showroom.  Lisa Sarmiento was our gracious host, and was assisted by several of our club members.  There were well over 40 in attendance, with awards being presented for various categories of chili.  Check our website for the rest of the story (including photos).

There are lots of Porsche events shaping up for 2014.  Check our website for the calendar of events.  We will be filling in event details as they become available.  Jim Lewis is our events coordinator, and is actively keeping the calendar current.

2014 Porsche Parade @ Monterey, CA (June 15–21) Registration opens April 1st.           We are looking forward to this exciting event, being held in a beautiful area, and are starting to discuss plans to drive down as a group(s).
Here’s how to plan ahead for the Porsche Parade:
  •      Log in to the National PCA website
  •     Click on Activities/Parade/2014 Porsche Parade: June 15-21, Monterey CA
  •      Identify your Hotel (there are 5 recommendations to chose from)
  •      Check the week’s schedule (identify the activities of your interest) most will have a cost associated
  •      Check the Banquets: Would recommend the Sunday Welcome Party & the Saturday Victory Banquet at a minimum
  •      Spend some time checking the other links on the Parade web site, then when registration opens you will have your plan in place!

Also, when you register, there will be an opportunity to order shirts with the Parade Logo on the front, and our HDR logo on the sleeve.  Check it out!

“Enjoy Your Porsche & Porsche Friends” Even More!
Pete Olson