Track Day at ORP – May 2014

by Bren Hirschberg
It turned out to be a Great track day. It didn’t start out that way with some real bad news when we first got to the track….”convertibles are not allowed to run”. This unpublished shocking new regulation from the track owners is reportedly due to a new liability insurance limitation that will probably affect all race tracks. Once again our lives are being controlled by the liability attorneys (small ed. op.).
Two of our club members were especially disappointed as they had driven to the track with the expectations of enjoying their first track day. Bob Schouten and Erik Hallberg with their Cabrio and Boxster ready to go were the victims in this new rule that will affect all PCA driving events held at affected racetracks. To their credit, both stuck around most of the day and at least got a feel for the event. More on this topic from your HDR Board later.

Novices were treated to a 45 minute classroom session, followed by in-car instruction throughout the day by four of our Club Instructors, Tim Hagner, Jared Isaacs, Kevin Neary, and Mike Simmons. Thanks to them for donating their time, skill, knowledge and experience.
Dave Arata, Ken Chmiel, Chuck Warren, and Bren Hirschberg rounded out the Club attendees. Don Clark drove his Cayman up from Redmond just to watch and cheer us on. The day ran smoothly and on-time with no incidents. Tim Hagner and Dave Arata get the “Paddock Mechanic Award” for doing a track-side electrical rewiring of Tim’s Turbo’s fuel pump to save the day for Tim (and assure him of a ride home!).
The weather cooperated, the track lived up to its billing, and we got 150 minutes of track time for $130!! You can’t beat that! The next track day at ORP will be August 4th – hope to see you there!