In the Zone


Three regions in three days, whew!  The stars and club calendars aligned for a brief moment in July and I was able to take advantage of the alignment.  Monday we were in Seattle for Pacific Northwest’s Board and membership meeting, Tuesday we were in Nanaimo, BC for the Vancouver Island’s membership meeting, Wednesday we were in Spokane for Inland Northwest’s membership meeting and Thursday home again.  It was a total of 1400 miles and two ferry trips.  We had a great time and are now planning the next road trip.  A big THANK YOU to all we met, your hospitality and enthusiasm is wonderful.  No matter where you travel, if you stop and visit any PCA group you’ll find the people are always the same: great!  That’s what makes our club so great.

LSPR Launch_043Have you made your plans to attend “Whistler 2014”? This will be the return of a fun and Zone favorite Porsche event.  I hope to see you there.  I’ll be looking for you!  For info see


Some Zone 6 fun facts:


Largest Region: Pacific Northwest, 1665 primary members


Smallest Region: Living Skies Prairie, 41 primary members


Total Zone Primary Membership: 4,964


Zone 6 is the 6th largest Zone, of the 13 total.  Zone 1 is the largest with 13,892 primary members.


Of the 141 Regions in PCA here’s where your region is by primary membership:


Pacific Northwest                  9

Oregon                                   21

Canada West                                    46

Inland Northwest                   64

Wild Rose                              70

Silver Sage                            84

Polar                                       87

Vancouver Island                  88

High Desert                            93

Cascade                                102

Olympic Peninsula                103

Yellowstone                           127

BC Interior                              132

Absaroka                               135

Big Sky                                   136

Living Skies Prairie               139


The Zone 6 logo contest is still going on from now till September 1st. The winning logo will be announced on September 15th. Send your logo submission to your regional President and they’ll pass it on to me.  The Zone 6 website has all your entries and can be viewed at


Hope to see you soon and don’t forget: it really is about the people.