Presidential Ramblings – February 2016

Pete Cropped



 Pete Olson - High Desert PCA President


 Well OK…  It’s winter, & most of our Porsches are carefully tucked away, taking “life support” from a battery tender!

So what to do??  How about Coffee & Donuts! 

Our first opportunity for those treats was on Saturday Jan 9th at my shop near the Redmond Airport (we called this Cars & Coffee).  The morning started out with a “light” dusting of snow, just to create a winter atmosphere… most showed up in SUV’s or 4x4 pick-ups.  However I did see one beautiful Carrara White 911 parked out front!

Busily Swapping Stories @ the January 9th Cars & Coffee

Busily Swapping Stories @ the January 9th Cars & Coffee

Oh… and just for fun, we had some Porsche Ginger Cookies.  Porsche sells an “official” Porsche shield cookie press. Just mix up a batter like you were making ginger bread men/women.  Roll it out, press in the Porsche shield, cut with a cookie cutter. Bake & you are ready to roll…   

Official Porsche Ginger Bread Cookies

Official Porsche Ginger Bread Cookies

Then in between, on Wednesday the 20th, we held our monthly HDR Social @ Club Carrera.  Great turnout, great food and “great” friends!  We also welcomed 5 new High Desert Region members…  The number of members keeps growing!  We now have 225 prime members with a “total” of 379 including affiliates

On Saturday the 30th, we headed to Porsche of Bend for some “more” coffee & donuts!  (we called this a Tech Session).  And then, once again just to be reminded that it still is winter, we had a “light” dusting of snow…  followed by a bright cool day!

The Porsche of Bend Service Staff provided a “great” presentation, and… did an excellent job of answering “all” the question which our club members could toss at them.  See the complete story as told by Scott Loring… Thanks Porsche of Bend!

OK, we polished off the Coffee & Donuts, now let's get on with the show!

OK, we polished off the Coffee & Donuts, now let's get on with the show!

February promises more adventures… check our website calendar!

  • Saturday morning the 6th, “more” Coffee & Donuts. This time at Bren Hirschberg’s shop, he will favor us with a presentation of his beautiful 1970’s Conda Green Porsche 911 coupe, currently under his skillful restoration!
  • Wednesday evening the 17th, our monthly HDR social, we will be presenting a check for $3,600 to (Skid School – Winter Driving Training for Bend – La Pine High School Students). This provides funding for 40 students.
  • Saturday evening the 27th, the annual HDR “Chili Cook-off”… an event you won’t want to miss!

Now’s a great time to check out the HDR 2016 activity calendar, located on our website. Start planning which events you would like to attend thru out the year…   

          Wishing you “great success” as we look forward to making

                    “2016 Our Best Year Ever!”

         Enjoy your Porsche & Porsche Friends Even More!