Presidential Ramblings – April 2016

Petie 2016



Pete Olson - High Desert PCA President



Hey! Hey! Hey!

We are getting closer! & closer! & closer! to the Porsche driving season!

Since the High Desert Region has several “micro” climates…  some which are considered “Banana Belts”, and some which are more “Snow Laden” we all have different plans of taking the Porsche out of winter hibernation.

So here we are… looking forward to April showers, that time of the year when we are often “tempted” to go Porsche topless.  It’s OK, keep the windows up, turn on the heater & heated seats, maybe some gloves, warm jacket & you are ready to roll.  However, be prepared to put the top up should you actually encounter a shower or two!   This I know, from firsthand experience… but no harm done.

I missed the March Cars & Coffee, since I was in Spokane for the annual Zone 6 Presidents Meeting.  It’s always a treat to exchange ideas and make plans with Porsche clubs from other regions.  Last year was the Zone 6 Tour.  And… this year we look forward to the several “multi region” events where we have the opportunity to meet & make new Porsche friends:

  • Jun 18th & 19th Track Days @ Oregon Raceway Park
  • Sep 23rd-25th Oregon Festival of Cars (Special section for Zone 6 Porsches)
  • Oct 1st & 2nd Oktoberfest in Boise (3 Regions attending – Boise, Spokane & Bend)

Check our HDR calendar for details! 

We held our March Wednesday evening social in the Porsche of Bend showroom, which is soon scheduled to be demolished, making room for a new Porsche complex.  The evening was a fitting tribute to Tom Anderson “The House that Tom Built”.  Read all about it in this month’s Downshift.  We lost Tom a little over a year ago, however Tom & Carrera Motors will always be remembered…

Tom in his favorite Porsche Speedster

Tom in his favorite Porsche Speedster


Lic Plate

The "classic" Carrera Motors License Plate

Everything begins with an idea!

The High Desert Region Porsche Club provides many excellent opportunities for our members, and also gives back to our community!  Our active members are “generally” aware of all we do. However, new & inactive members would be amazed to learn of all the activities and opportunities we have to offer.

Enter some proactive members, Jan & Al Kozeliski & Scott Loring, who worked closely together in creating a “fantastic” brochure which really tells the High Desert Region Porsche Club story!


The "fantastic" High Desert Region PCA "brochure"

We will be sending a copy to all current HDR members in the next weeks.  Watch for it in your mail box!

 The Porsche Club of America’s motto is “fueled by volunteers”     

 So… if you would be willing to help with a HDR activity  please contact our event coordinator, Scott Loring at

We encourage you to “just do it”, even if you haven’t done it before… many of our seasoned veterans are there to give you a helping hand.

Be sure to spend some time browsing “our” HDR website, it’s great fun!  Check the events calendar so that you don’t miss out on events which you would like to attend.

And then… take the time to create “your” story & photo contributions, making our website even more fun & exciting.  Contact our Editor, Jim Boyd  @  

Adopt-A-Road Saturday April 9th @9:00 AM. We meet on Hwy 20 at the rest area, just west of Fryrear Road.  Graciously hosted once again by John & Eleanor Donohue

John & Eleanor Donohue our “Gracious Hosts”

John & Eleanor Donohue our “Gracious Hosts”

                    Wishing you “great success” as we look forward to making

                    “2016 Our Best Year Ever!”


         Enjoy your Porsche & Porsche Friends Even More!