HDRPCA Membership Update (January 2017)

Attracting and retaining new members is our goal for growth and staying vibrant. The High Desert PCA excels in both areas. While attrition due to relocation is unavoidable, we strive to make club membership so enjoyable and rewarding that our members stay with us year after year.

Our positive relationship with our local Porsche dealer is a big plus in attracting new members as they promote our club and it's many benefits. In turn, club events at the dealer keep club members exposed to the Porsche marque, the dealer's inventory, and new car development. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

We enjoy a good reputation as a fun and sociable club that also contributes to our community. These traits allow us to network with potential new members and we have HDR business cards that we hand out whenever the situation allows us to publicize our club to Porsche owners that we meet even casually in our county. These characteristics have led to our member numbers have increasing by 35 and from 222 to 257, plus 15.8%.

Statistic Jan. 1, 2016 July 1, 2016 Nov. 1, 2016
Total members 222 232 257
Members gained (since last period) N/A 12 28
Members lost (since last period) 2 3
Net change in membership 10 25


We are successful in growing our numbers, but more importantly retaining our members because:

  • Our Club is very dynamic with 56 activities in 2016, including display events, drives and dinners that the members enjoy.
  • The High Desert Region PCA Board is very active, Club members are supportive in developing the entertaining events, drives and dinners.
  • Our Club environment is cordial and social. While Porsches bring us together, all years, models, and car conditions are welcome as our club's principal focus is appreciating our fellow members.
  • Our Club supports the community as indicated by being awarded the 2016 PCA Public Service Award.
  • Our members actively engage non-member Porsche owners to join.
  • Our reputation attracts new members.

The support, ideas, and participation of our members has made HDRPCA the vibrant Club it is.  Keep up the great work and continue to enjoy the fruits of your efforts!

-- Sam Davis